Jaded is in the snappers’ room praying that PictureBoss doesn’t interrupt his sullen mood

PictureBoss: Ah, Jaded, jaded. The very man!

JadedSnapper: Oh fuck, you’re being nice

PictureBoss: Nice? I’m a benevolent chap, ruling the humble EveningSnooze’s picture desk like… like –

JS: You’ve ran out of words haven’t you?

PictureBoss: Err yeah,

JS: So what you got?

PictureBoss: Well you may have noticed that we have a bit of weather today Jaded…

JS: Fuck me, weather? In the sky?

PictureBoss: Yeah, actual weather…

JS: Well it’s lucky I have a red umbrella in the car for someone to conveniently walk by holding..

PictureBoss: No no, haven’t you looked outside? It’s not even raining

JS: Well there aren’t any windows in here,

PictureBoss: Yes! It’sĀ a dark room! Geddit!

JS: That joke was appallingĀ 

PictureBoss: That’s why you put it in my mouth

JS: Oh yeah.. Right well I best find some small child to pose with an ice-cream

PictureBoss: No, no, that was last week’s weather picture!

JS: Oh, yeah, I’ve only done that picture once, ever, in my career. So, it’s not rainy, and it’s not sunny. But you still want a weather picture

PictureBoss: Yeah it’s special orders from EditorBoss

JS: Well I best pull out all the stops for this one then..

PictureBoss: Yes you best. It’s got to sum up the entire summer we’ve had

JS: We haven’t had a summer. It’s just been a bit, meh

PictureBoss: Yep that’s right

JS: So I’ve got to photograph the essence of ‘meh’

PictureBoss: See I knew you’d be the man for the job!

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