“It’s an outrage”

JadedSnapper: Hi, it’s the Evening Snooze photographer here.

ConcernedResident: Brilliant, you’re here!

JS: So what’s the problem

ConcernedResident: Well I’ve been meaning to tell you for some time, it’s a disgrace what’s happening around here, and the council are doing nothing

JS: So, what is happening around here?

ConcernedResident: Speeding mate

JS: Speeding?

ConcernedResident: Yeah speeding, you see this street has loads of cars driving down it too fast

JS: So that’s the definition of speeding is it?

ConcernedResident: What?

JS: Nothing… So what do you want to happen?

ConcernedResident: Well, not only are they speeding but everyone parks their cars on the street and what with the kids playing… We need speed bumps

JS: Okay, so I best take your picture then

ConcernedResident: Oh! Wait a minute, I’ve got a petition.

JS: Great

ConcernedResident: Here’s the petition everyone in the street has signed it.

JS: Well that will help your case. So does this street lead to the main road, is it a rat run or something?

ConcernedResident: No

JS: Oh

ConcernedResident: Yeah, it’s a cul-de-sac

JS: Oh, so who uses this street?

ConcernedResident: Well, the residents, their families and taxis

JS: Right… so everyone is complaining about people speeding, they’ve signed a petition demanding speed bumps, but the only people who use the street (and are therefore the ones speeding) are the residents themselves??!!

ConcernedResident: Precisely mate, as I said it’s a disgrace that no one is doing anything about it!

JS: Stand there and hold the petition then…

About jadedsnapper

Reinforcing the stereotype that local press photographers are more miserable than the people they photograph
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5 Responses to “It’s an outrage”

  1. Ha! Very funny – great blog btw.

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  3. jadedsnapper says:

    I bumped into ConcernedResident three months later, “The council still won’t do anything, it’s a disgrace like”, never mind mate

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