“This one’s come from the EditorBoss”

PictureBoss: Jade

JadedSnapper: Yeah

PictureBoss: I’ve got a job for you. This one’s come from the EditorBoss

JS: Okay

PictureBoss: Right, it’s a feature on that new gay bar

JS: Which new gay bar?

PictureBoss: The one on Main St, they’ve got a tranny!!!

JS: They use E6?

PictureBoss: What? No! A man that dresses as a woman!

JS: …

PictureBoss: And you’ve got to do to some pictures of … him

JS: Right, so, a gay bar has a transvestite? And that’s news, how?

PictureBoss: No, it’s a feature!

JS: In what way is this novel?

PictureBoss: Well, it’s the first one, ever!

JS: The first one ever?

PictureBoss: On patch of course

JS: So we live in a busy, highly cultured, metropolitan city in Britain, and this is the first gay bar to feature a transvestite?

PictureBoss: YES!

JS: Are you sure?

PictureBoss: Well it’s the first one I’ve known about and I’ve lived here for much longer than you…

JS: Seven years isn’t it?

PictureBoss: Precisely! So go and take some pictures, now!

JS: Sorry, erm, what’s the angle, I’m not sure I understand why this would appeal to the  upwardly mobile bright young ABC1s that we are supposed to be attracting?

PictureBoss: You’re not here to question the EditorBoss! You are here to blindly carry out his will!

JS: Oh, erm, so how do you want the pictures?

PictureBoss: Get one of the old looking punters looking surprised at the tranny

JS: Pointing?

PictureBoss: Don’t be facetious, we’re a high quality paper!

JS: Of course

About jadedsnapper

Reinforcing the stereotype that local press photographers are more miserable than the people they photograph
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3 Responses to “This one’s come from the EditorBoss”

  1. Viveca Koh says:

    Genius! I can hear it all as if I was in the room with you 😀

  2. terakopian says:

    Maybe one with a thumbs up and the other punter with a thumbs down?!

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