Ring ring…ring ring!

JadedSnapper: Hello?

LondonPRType: Hello is that Jaded Snapper?

JS: Yep!

LondonPRType: My client, InternationalBrand is launching a campaign in your area and I wondered if you could do it?

JS: Most likely yes

LondonPRType: Brilliant! Right it’s a big job over two days. On the first day I need interiors and exteriors and then some people shots, you know, nice and arty…

JS: As the third best photographer on the Evening Snooze arty is what I do

LondonPRType: Fantastic! And I need these pictures good enough for the PoshPaper and also TrendyInternationalMagazine. And then two months later I need another set of pictures, new interiors and some pictures of BigBrotherWinner whose going to launch the reopening.

JS: Right, that shouldn’t be a problem

LondonPRType: So…how much will that be?

JS: Hmm, let’s see… 3 buttons for each day.

LondonPRType: 3 buttons?

JS: Yep

LondonPRType: Well it’s really only half a day’s work on both days.

JS: I thought you wanted pictures for TrendyInternationalMagazine and PoshPaper…That’s a lot of pictures.

LondonPRType: Well I’m just looking through quotes. Can you hold open two days next week just in case I need you?

JS: …Well, I have two days open so, erm, yes.

LondonPRType: Brilliant, I’ll call you on Monday to confirm






LondonPRType: Hi Jade

JS: Uh, hello, I was expecting a call on Monday, and I missed two days work waiting for you

LondonPRType: .. Oh yes, well our client used a contact for that one –

JS: Was it Uncle Bob?

LondonPRType: Uncle Bob? Erm, nope, My Uncle Bob lives in GenericNewTown

JS: No not your Uncle Bob – never mind, what did you want?

LondonPRType: Yes, so sorry about that. The thing is, that second day in two months time..

JS: Yes?

LondonPRType: Well we might still need you as SecondFiddle

JS: SecondFiddle? Right, sounds enticing..

LondonPRType: Yeah, it’d be a great opportunity for you. So could you hold open that day just in case we need you?

JS: So, let me get this straight? You offer me, the third best Evening Snooze photographer two days work, you then moan ‘it’s only really 2 half-days’, ask me to hold open two days so you can decide which is more convenient for you, forget to call me on those two days, then tell me someone else did it, and finally you ask me to hold open another day as SecondFiddle just in case, just in case you might need me?

LondonPRType: Oh, thanks I knew you’d be so understanding!

About jadedsnapper

Reinforcing the stereotype that local press photographers are more miserable than the people they photograph
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3 Responses to LondonPRType

  1. I can see a book in the making …… loving your droll sense of humour!

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  3. eyefarrell says:

    Heh! I have such empathy with you, JS.

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