DeputyNewsFlap walks into the snapper’s room…in a flap

DeputyNewsFlap: Erm, hey Jaded, I need a favour..

JadedSnapper: Well’s it’s about home time so I’m sure it’s only a quick, easy and reasonable one

DeputyNewsFlap: Sort of…I need a front page picture.

JS: You’ve kinda had all day for that.

 DeputyNewsFlap: I know, but, erm, well it’s that or a blank space.

JS: Sounds enticing at this time

DeputyNewsFlap: Please!!

What’s wrong with the ones I’ve already done?

DeputyNewsFlap: Well the main problem with sending you to 8 primary schools in one day is there isn’t a great range of pictures…and we’ve a paedo splash so no can do.

JS: So what are you going to do?

DeputyNewsFlap: [a vein on his forehead popping] I don’t know?! I just don’t know?! I need something else…Now!!

JS: Okay, well it was sunny for at least 20 mins today so I’ll do a weather picture

DeputyNewsFlap: Ok! Well get going then…

….45 mins later

JS: Right I’ve got great picture for you. It’s a runner drinking from a bottle, deep blue sky, really dramatic, with the sun behind him making a great silhouette!

DeputyNewsFlap: Great! Great! That’s saved the day, let’s see..

JS: [turns the screen around]


JS: What?


JS: What?!

DeputyNewsFlap: Can’t see his face.

About jadedsnapper

Reinforcing the stereotype that local press photographers are more miserable than the people they photograph
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3 Responses to DeputyNewsFlap

  1. Viveca Koh says:

    One word: “aarrggghhhhh!!!”

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  3. terakopian says:

    LOL!!!!! Seen a few like that; what on earth they are doing in newspapers in anyone’s guess!!

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