“You like taking pictures..”


PushyMum: You like taking pictures, don’t you?

JadedSnapper: Well I’m not sure about the use of the present tense, but go on..

PushyMum: Great! It’s my oldest daughter’s SweetSixteen this weekend so..could you do it, as a favour? I’ll pay you!!

JS: A favour? You’ll pay and everything!? For some kid’s birthday party? No sorry, their SweetSixteen? Sounds utterly degrading, but as you’re a friend, then yes I’ll do it for you. It’s 3 buttons

PushyMom: Brilliant!

JS: I’ll have to reschedule a little job I had that day, but no problem for you PushyMom

PushyMom: Why are you calling me ‘PushyMom’?

JS: Because a SweetSixteen is nauseatingly American

PushyMom: Oh.. well thanks for that



Ring Ring –

JS: Hi

PushyMom: Erm, hi Jaded

JS: All set for tonight? I turned down a job to do it for you

PushyMom: About that –

JS: About that what?

PushyMom: Well I’ve got someone else to do it, you see they’re charging a little less than you and you know credit crunch –

JS: Yeah blah blah, you’ve hired a limo for goodness sake

PushyMom: Yeah it’ll be a real blast –

JS: So, despite asking me first and knowing I’ve turned down jobs to do this you’ve gone and hired someone else when you’re splashing out on a limo?! Who is it?

PushyMom: MonkeySnapper, I got him off Jade’sList

JS: MonkeySnapper?

PushyMom: Yeah, he only want peanuts

JS: Well that’s okay then! You best go with MonkeySnapper..

PushyMom: Thanks for being so understanding


Next day

Ring –

PushyMom: Hi, Jaded –

JS: Oh, you

PushyMom: Yeah, MonkeySnapper did a rubbish job.

JS: Quel surprise

PushyMom: What? Well he put his price up –

JS: Boo-hoo

PushyMom: – and started a fight with one of the girls

JS: Shame

PushyMom: – and to cap it all, he did a rubbish job –

JS: So, you paid peanuts and got a rubbish photographer, who then proceeded to ruin the night and give you a set of incompetent, useless images? Cry me a river

PushyMom: Yeah…So I was wondering if you’d do my mother in laws 60th next Saturday


About jadedsnapper

Reinforcing the stereotype that local press photographers are more miserable than the people they photograph
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2 Responses to “You like taking pictures..”

  1. patently says:


    I think we all have at least one client like that, whatever it is that we do.

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