The WireRoom

JadedSnapper is at the football. It’s league favourites GenericNewTown versus the whipping boys SnoozeCity

JadedSnapper: Hi Guys

SportsSnapper: …

JS: I’ll just put my stuff here –

SportsSnapper: Sorry mate that place’s taken

JS: Oh, but there’s no stuff here

SportsSnapper: Yeah I’m saving it for my mate. Sorry

JS: I thought I’d bagsied it?

SportsSnapper: No I’ve saved it!

JS: Is this a school P.E changing room or something?!

SportsSnapper: Look mate, I’ve saved the spot.

SportsSnappers’ best pal RedTopSnapper enters..

RedTopSnapper: Alright mate!

SportsSnapper: Ah, you’re here [pointing behind him] this joker’s trying to take your spot!

RedTopSnapper: Who are you anyway?

JS: I’m Jaded and I’m from the Evening Snooze –

RedTopSnapper: Pah! Evening Snooze? You can go over there!

SportsSnapper: Yeah! Over there in the girls corner ‘cos you’re like a girl!

JS: If I gave a shit I suppose that would be some kind of bullying [walks over]

GirlSnapper: Hi Jaded, we best go out pitch-side

GenericNewTown have made good on their promise and are 1-0 up at half time

RedTopSnapper: [to SportsSnapper] Hey do you want to swap frames so we have the reverse angles?

SportsSnapper: Yeah alright! Always helps

JS: ‘Scuse me?

RedTopSnapper: What do you want?

JS: How does your PictureBoss suppose you managed to get the goal from both the left and right side of the net?

RedTopSnapper: I don’t remember asking you

JS: Must be able to move at the speed of light like…

SportsSnapper: Sod off smart arse!

JS: Righty-Oh, I’m going out for the second half

GenericNewTown were 1-0 up against SnoozeCity when City managed to score not only one, but two goals against expectation. JadedSnapper happened to be the only one at that end…

SportsSnapper and RedTopSnapper: [together] Did you get the goal?

SportsSnapper and RedTopSnapper: [again together] Nah mate my camera’s battery went.

SportsSnapper: This brand new technology is shit!

RedTopSnapper: Yeah it’s fucking rubbish…

silence as Jaded continues to file his pics. They both look at him…

SportsSnapper: Hey, Jaded mate! I’ve always loved your work….

About jadedsnapper

Reinforcing the stereotype that local press photographers are more miserable than the people they photograph
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