Web 2.0

Ring Ring…Ring Ring!

JadedSnapper: Uh Hello

FascistTimes: Hi there is that JadedSnapper?

JS: Yes, who’s that

FascistTimes: It’s the FascistTimes

JS: Oh, that’s an odd name for a 21st Century British newspaper

FascistTimes: Yeah it’s your not so subtle pseudonym

JS: What did you want anyway?

FascistTimes: We’ve got a complaint about one of your pictures

JS: You have? Why, I don’t even work for you

FascistTimes: Well yes but you put a picture out on JadedPic

JS: Ah yes, PotHoleTerror, that’s part of my viral marketing strategy in an effort to bring me fame and fortune

FascistTimes: Yeah we used it today and I had to spend bloody ages removing your watermark from it so can you stop doing that?

JS: Why?

FascistTimes: Well how else am I supposed to lift your pictures off the internet if you keep watermarking them? Don’t you want a picture in the FascistTimes????!!!!

JS: Erm..let me think about that. So who should I invoice?

FascistTimes: Invoice? Invoice!! [to office]. Hey this guy wants paid for that picture! Who do you think we are? –

JS: A multimillion pound newspaper group?

FascistTimes: Exactly, did you think we got to that position by paying people? Look your picture was in the public domain and we graciously published it on your behalf. We even credited you…

JS: Yes so I see, ‘JaydedSnapper’. Thanks! Can I not get paid for that picture?

FascistTimes: Look, you’ve got to get with the times. Web 2.0 is about the mutual thieving of pictures. I wouldn’t have even told you if you hadn’t put that bloody watermark on!

JS: But if I hadn’t put some kind of watermark on then you could use it unauthorised and just say it’s an orphan work?

FascistTimes: See, you do understand!! Welcome to Web 2.0

About jadedsnapper

Reinforcing the stereotype that local press photographers are more miserable than the people they photograph
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3 Responses to Web 2.0

  1. Gavan says:

    I read your tweets and blogs and it takes me back. I was also a features photographer and was treated pretty poorly by some eds. But luckily I had some really great ones too.

    Keep going as it’s very funny and rings lots of bells


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  3. Sime says:

    You’re just writing about me now, aren’t you!


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