JadedSnapper is at a nursery

JadedSnapper: Hi, I’m here to do a picture of your new play equipment

NurseryNurse: Ah, brilliant! Is it going on the front page?

JS: Who knows what depths we’ll have sunk to by edition time..

NurseryNurse: So it’s going on the front then? In colour?

JS: Again, who knows how much the budget will have been cut by then…. So if I can just get two or three of the kids on the slide…

NurseryNurse: Can’t you get all the kids on the slide… I mean it’ll be great for their self esteem and make them all feel involved

JS: Well they’re only 2 years old, I’m sure they’re all happy eating plasticine or whatever it is they do. It would make a better picture if I only had a few –

NurseryNurse: Erm, no, I disagree, the better picture would be with all 20 standing around the slide waving at the camera –

JS: I do seem to remember a Pulitzer Prize picture involving that very set up..

NurseryNurse: Exactly

JS: Right, well, I’ll do that, but if you want the front page [says quizzically, more to self] then it would help if I could do one with a few as well. Do you have permissions for their names.

NurseryNurse: Only the first syllable of the first name can be used. Child Protection, Data Protection, Health and Safety, Human Rights, Anti-Terror Laws you see

JS: Well why did you invite us then?

NurseryNurse: Right, well, I suppose you can have the first names…

JS: Common sense has prevailed, if only for half the time

NurseryNurse: Right well here’s all the kids.

JS: Click

NurseryNurse: Is that it?

JS: I’m a pro, you see

NurseryNurse: I don’t think that picture is going to be used

JS: No, hopefully not. So if I can just do one with a few kids.

NurseryNurse: Right, well okay, I’ll stick four on the slide

JS: Click

NurseryNurse: Is that it?

JS: You don’t realise how degrading this is. So names…

NurseryNurse: Lee, Colleen, Wayne and Georgia

JS: All normal spellings?

NurseryNurse: Apart from the last one

JS: Georgia?

NurseryNurse: Yeah, that’s J-O-R-J-A

JS: Georgia spelt ‘JORJA’? Are you taking the piss?

NurseryNurse:  …

JS: …

NurseryNurse: …

JS: That’s your kid isn’t it?

NurseryNurse: …

JS: That’ll be me off then.

About jadedsnapper

Reinforcing the stereotype that local press photographers are more miserable than the people they photograph
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19 Responses to SpellingGate

  1. sinisterpictures says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha, did your face go hot and you’re head get sweaty?
    Best laugh I’ve had all week, thank you sir!

  2. f2point4 says:

    Excellent! Another weekend that starts with a laugh. Thank you! 🙂

  3. terakopian says:

    Jaydid Snapa – wonderful 😀

  4. Dom Romney says:

    Just put it down however you fancy the sub’s are just going to fuck it up.

  5. Nice one, gave me a laugh. And been there too. Rather too often…

  6. jadedsnapper says:

    The chief irony of this is I had to caption it ‘Jorja (CORRECT)’

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  8. Lisa Hogben says:


    Gotta love it! thanks so much for cheering up my equally shitful day!

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  10. Doug says:

    Awesome, sooo funny and way to true

  11. Naymes eh? A lot of it is to do with illiterate parents not knowing how ‘Georgia’ and other names are spelt in the first place.

    Registrar “So how do you spell ‘Georgia’?

    IP “Erm… J O R J A”

    Registrar (rolls eyes) “O-Kay”

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