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JadedSnapper is at the entrance to the HippyCamp PoliticalActivist: Stop! CorporateMediaWhores must wait here! JadedSnapper: Oh hi again, are you well? PoliticalActivist: Oh, it’s you! What are you doing up here? JS: Well I drove up – I mean – … Continue reading

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JadedSnapper is at a photocall, waiting for the ‘action’ to begin. JadedSnapper: Hi guys RedTopSnapper: [pointing to JS] Who’s this joker? SilentSnapper: [shrugs shoulders] RedTopSnapper: I’ve never seen him before – look at the kit – he must be a … Continue reading

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JadedSnapper is at a harbour for a cheque presentation JadedSnapper: Hi, is this news? Diver: [ignoring] Hey it’s great you’ve come today, thanks very much! JS: Well, it wasn’t exactly my choice, but yes, it’s no problem Diver: We’ve had … Continue reading

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Sneaking into SnoozeCity

JadedSnapper has been banned from SnoozeCityFC but is determined to get in. He is at the photographers’ entrance. ClubSteward is there waiting. JS is walking rather awkwardly. JadedSnapper: Erm, hi! I’m the…cartoonist! ClubSteward: Hey, don’t I recognise you? JS: [strokes … Continue reading

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The PhotoYoda

JadedSnapper is asking his old tutor for some advice JadedSnapper: PhotoYoda, How can I become a better photographer, like TalentedPhotographer? PhotoYoda: … JS: Erm? PhotoYoda: Fruitbats! JS: What? PhotoYoda: Fruitbats [nods to himself] JS: So, you’re saying I should do … Continue reading

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