JadedSnapper is at a harbour for a cheque presentation

JadedSnapper: Hi, is this news?

Diver: [ignoring] Hey it’s great you’ve come today, thanks very much!

JS: Well, it wasn’t exactly my choice, but yes, it’s no problem

Diver: We’ve had a sponsored dive for rubbish and we’ve raised loads of funds for LocalCharity so we’ve got a GiantCheque for the picture! I thought that would look really good!

JS: Ah, I see you’ve taken a post modern interpretation of the image then?

Diver: What? No, no, just a GiantCheque so every one can see what a great job we’ve done for LocalCharity

JS: No diving equipment then? I could have had you emerging from the water, you know, bit of flashwork…

Diver: Nah, that wouldn’t really work

JS: No, I don’t suppose that would top a picture of you holding a GiantCheque

Diver: No, this way everyone can see what we’ve raised. We’ve got the boat we used though on quayside, maybe we could have that in the picture?

JS: Ok

Diver: Can I get everyone in?

JS: There’s only you here?

Just like ninjas, charitable divers emerge from behind boats, flag poles and bins

JS: Oh, so there’s…

Diver: Twenty in total

JS: Right well that’s quite a lot. The picture won’t be particularly interesting but –

Diver: [offended] – ‘Scuse me, everyone contributed and we did some fantastic work so it’s only fair –

JS: – it’s not a problem. So twenty of you. How much did your fantastic work raise?

Diver: £100

JS: A fiver a head. Well done.

About jadedsnapper

Reinforcing the stereotype that local press photographers are more miserable than the people they photograph
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2 Responses to GiantCheque

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  2. beaulurks says:

    JS, is your tongue reinforced in some way? I think I would have bitten mine off by now.

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