JadedSnapper is at the entrance to the HippyCamp

PoliticalActivist: Stop! CorporateMediaWhores must wait here!

JadedSnapper: Oh hi again, are you well?

PoliticalActivist: Oh, it’s you! What are you doing up here?

JS: Well I drove up – I mean – I took the train up so I could photographize this here HippyCamp

PoliticalActivist: Yes, I, err, took the train as well. We’re holding a HippyCamp here, and there’s going to be direct action!

JS: Blimey! You’re not messing about then!

PoliticalActivist: It’s time for radical action

JS: So who are you directing your action against?

PoliticalActivist: BadBank

JS: They need to get a marketing guy on to that name…

PoliticalActivist: A marketing person! That reminds me, you have to read the camp rules. “You must not use language which promotes the dominant, misogynist, capitalist, chauvinist, fascist, corporate hegemony that blights our daily lives!”

JS: Oh, err, okay. So can I come in then?

PoliticalActivist: Not yet, media hours are not till lunch time. And there’s more rules as agreed by the nonhierarchicaldecisionmakingcollective at HippyCamp.

JS: Erm, okay, what are they then?

PoliticalActivist: You can’t take pictures unless I let you. And I have to follow you around and regale you with the words of our lord and saviour.

JS: What, Jesus?

PoliticalActivist: No, Chomsky

JS: Sounds rivetting. Is it Chomsky’s fault you’re following me around?

PoliticalActivist: Fault? Fault! His analysis of  CorporateMediaWhores like you inform our every breath. That’s why I wear this [shows JS a wrist band]


PoliticalActivist: What Would Chomsky Do

JS: Right, do I have to listen?

PoliticalActivist: I don’t expect a weak and craven journalist such as yourself to be able to comprehend the word of the lord. – Yeah, so you can only take pictures when you’ve got permission and when I say

JS: Sounds remarkably similar to the BadBank’s own PR policy

PoliticalActivist: It is not for you to question the decrees of HippyCamp!

JS: Right, so how many of you are here?

PoliticalActivist: About 400 so far

JS: What, in both those tents?

PoliticalActivist: They’re very roomy

JS: Ok. [pointing to the side] So, is he your photographer?

A  figure with two cameras hanging off his shoulders and the steely look of a committed, still passionate photographer waits patiently.

PoliticalActivist: Him? Him! No, he’s ConcernedPhotog! We don’t like him

JS: Why not, doesn’t he dedicate his entire professional life to the various protest movements that bless our country?

PoliticalActivist: Well, yes, but we don’t like him – he disagrees with us sometimes.

JS: So, who’s your photographer?

PoliticalActivist: I am! I’m going to take snaps all day and make them available to the CorporateMedia so we can get the HippyCamp maximum exposure.

JS: Right so you would rather give pictures away than form contacts with the snapper who is your biggest supporter?

PoliticalActivist: He –

JS: Yes, disagrees with you sometimes. So, you’re going to give away photos for free to the CorporateMedia  – even the FascistTimes – and at the same time putting the guy out of business who does the most to keep movements such as yours in the press.

PoliticalActivist: Yep

JS: Well I think we both know what that makes you..

PoliticalActivist: What?

JS: A CorporateMediaWhore

About jadedsnapper

Reinforcing the stereotype that local press photographers are more miserable than the people they photograph
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3 Responses to HippyCamp

  1. Leon Neal says:

    Perfect as ever. I couldn’t stand to put up with their crap again this year so I’m praying that I don’t get sent down there. I’ amazed that ConcernedPhotog is giving them the time of day too! Anyway, great post squire!

    • jadedsnapper says:

      There are many ConcernedPhotogs who spend the greater portion of their work on protest movements and despite that are written off by the activists as some sort of enemy. Anyway they’ve not exactly had a great post event analysis, even in the Guardian!

  2. f2point4 says:

    Great read, as usual. Now, what WOULD Chomsky have said?

    By the way, I heard Chomsky’s name first in connection with his work in linguistics during my studies. I don’t remember reading: “Deny photographers their legal right and professional obligation to cover news-worthy events on public property.” 😉

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