Ring Ring…Riiiingg Riiiingg!

JadedSnapper: Hello?

CheapskateConsultant: Hi, is that JadedSnapper?

JS: Why yes, yes it is! Hey don’t I recognise that voice? You used to hire me didn’t you? Have you got a job for me? [says hopefully]

CheapskateConsultant: Even better than a job JS, I’m running a photography competition and I want you to enter it…

JS: Oh, brilliant

CheapskateConsultant: Exactly, brilliant! It’s a great opportunity. As you know I run a sustainability for business consultancy and the competition is on an eco theme. And I want you to enter that lovely picture of those windmills.

JS: Erm okay, you could always buy a licence for it. What’s the prize?

CheapskateConsultant: You’ll like this JS, it’s 1000 shiny pounds!!

JS: Are they individually polished?

CheapskateConsultant: No, but look this is a great opportunity for you!

JS: Oh really. What are the terms and conditions?

CheapskateConsultant: Look unlike other photography competitions we really respect photographers. We won’t be taking your copyright from you. Not. One. Bit.

JS: So far, so encouraging. But what are the terms and conditions?

CheapskateConsultant: Just a few tinsy-winsy clauses, they’re nothing to worry about.

JS: Like what?

CheapskateConsultant: You grant me a “non-exclusive, irrevocable licence to reproduce, enlarge, publish or exhibit on any media, the image for any purpose”

JS: Not just for the purposes of the competition?

CheapskateConsultant: Look, it’s nothing to worry about…

JS: So you want hundreds of images of your core business to do with as you please? Surely you mean only in relation to the competition?

CheapskateConsultant: No, no, I’m quite specific. I need your pictures not only for the competition but for:

“my website and on the websites of sponsors and supporters.
For use in press releases distributed to national, regional & specialist press.
To be used in presentations, publications and events.”

Come on JS, this is a great opportunity. Don’t you see the potential?

JS: The potential for being shafted, yes. Any others?

CheapskateConsultant: “Entrants also agree that the organisers can sub-license images to the media for reproduction”

JS: Hang on, you want to not only use my pictures forever more but also to be able to sell it as well. Isn’t that a rights grab of epic proportions?

CheapskateConsultant: No no JS, I said at the start, I’m not stealing your copyright. Not. One. Bit. We might even credit you.

JS: How about you buy a licence to use my picture, you know like when you used to hire me?

CheapskateConsultant: No, I’d rather you entered the competition. Imagine if I had to pay for every picture I wanted to use! Why would I do that when you can just enter the competition for free?

JS: Imagine indeed! Well you’ve convinced me that I no longer need to charge for photography when I could get a shiny certificate instead.

CheapskateConsultant: Brilliant! And good luck!


About jadedsnapper

Reinforcing the stereotype that local press photographers are more miserable than the people they photograph
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9 Responses to CompetitionTime

  1. Glass Eye says:

    But you forgot to include the link and I want to enter! I want to decorate the downstairs loo, and thought I’d use competition certificates instead of wallpaper.

  2. Sime says:

    Oh hell! Sign me up! I love a good shafting! NOT 🙂

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  4. Ha Ha! Did this really happen? Names changed to protect the innocent, and all that…

  5. Viveca Koh says:

    Godsake, when will these people EVER learn? I have broken out in a rash of empathetic banging head on brick wall…

  6. pixpilgrim says:

    I know of some photographers whom are on the verge of going ‘postal’ on some people who are of the same mindset like CheapskateConsultant.

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