The PhotoYoda: A burning issue

JadedSnapper is in a mythical place in time and space. Fortunately so is the PhotoYoda

JadedSnapper: Afternoon PhotoYoda!

PhotoYoda: Is it?

JS: Well, erm, who knows. Anyway that’s not the point – I’ve got great plan to make money

PhotoYoda: You’re not quitting photography?

JS: No, even better than that. I’m going to shoot weddings!

PhotoYoda: Right, despite having no experience in it, so far, so good. And how will this work out my little fruitbat?

JS: Well I’ll just charge ’em a grand and burn ’em a disc. That’s it

PhotoYoda: So they don’t even get an album? Frames? Prints? A pre-wedding shoot? Planning meetings? 1-0 dear JS, 1-0!

JS: Well if they want prints or an album I’ll just use OnlinePrinter. And LeadingSwedishFurnitureShop does frames for about 10 quid. And I’ll charge a tidy packet for them an’ all!

PhotoYoda: Plonkersaurus

JS: What? I thought they died out years ago?

PhotoYoda: You’re clearly the last of them

JS: Look I’ve got a booking, can’t be going too wrong…

PhotoYoda: Do you want to be impoverished all your life?

JS: Well, no, that’s why I’m doing this!

PhotoYoda: Then stop being a plonkersaurus! You’ve got it all back to fruitbats!

JS: Err, yeah?

PhotoYoda: Look, you’re planning on offering a premium service, right?

JS: Well I’m charging a grand, loads are more expensive…

PhotoYoda: But a grand is a lot, yes?

JS: Yes, yes it is!

PhotoYoda: But you’re also planning on stiffing your clients before you even have them

JS: Well hardly, I’m offering them the disc…

PhotoYoda: Yeah, but you can’t then charge ‘a tidy packet’ for prints, albums and frames that your client could get themselves. Especially cheapy ones

JS: They won’t know!

PhotoYoda: Do they not have google?

JS: Well, so, I’m offering the disc. Anything else is an extra…

PhotoYoda: Well that’s stupid in the first place. You don’t give away your pictures before you’ve made money from them. You’ve got to provide a service. And that disc should be an extra service. Album first, disc second!

JS: [moping] I thought it was a good plan

PhotoYoda: What do you hate about MonkeySnapper?

JS: He charges peanuts and is rubbish. And takes money off me!

PhotoYoda: You’re doing the same you plonkersaurus!

JS: What?

PhotoYoda: If you want to clients to value your work, you have to as well my little fruitbat! Cowboys cut corners! Use professional suppliers!

JS: But they’re expensive

PhotoYoda: 1-0, there’s the 1-0 in your mind!

JS: But if I use professional suppliers I won’t make as much money. I’ll have to charge as much as the proper wedding photographers…

PhotoYoda: [a knowing look]

JS: Oh…

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Reinforcing the stereotype that local press photographers are more miserable than the people they photograph
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5 Responses to The PhotoYoda: A burning issue

  1. Sime says:

    Ahh, this is what Dave was rattling on about, Dave?

  2. Lol, this makes total sense to me and nicely put too.

    But I am one of those that offer a disc simply because some people want the DVD. Some will even go elsewhere if you don’t offer a DVD.

    I also offer albums as well as prints etc and not the cheap option either.

    I’m aware by selling the DVD you can lose the revenue from selling of prints etc but I’d rather that than lose the initial business because I don’t offer something.


    • jadedsnapper says:

      As far as I can work out, print sales appear to be negligible. I personally would provide an (edited!) disc as well. However in the past I’ve been guilty of the attitude in the post. Essentially believing I could charge a fortune and skimp on the products. I think if you provide a very good level of service the disc issue may not as important.

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