JadedSnapper is meeting LondonPRType at a cafe who has a PR job on offer.

LondonPRType: Jaded, dahling! How are you?

JadedSnapper: Yes, erm, wonderful

LondonPRType: So, I’ve heard you’re thinking of going freelance, and I’ve got a great opportunity for a ‘start-up’ business such as yourself

JS: [interest peaked] Okey-doke, what do you need?

LondonPRType: Well, my client is a four-star hotel. A four-star hotel JS, they don’t normally let you in!

JS: Well, no, but go on…

LondonPRType: – Yes, so this prestigious client of mine needs pictures doing at our prestigious event.  I tried to get a photography student, but I need your quality!!

JS: Right well, how much are you going to offer me?

LondonPRType: [pushes an envelope across the table] I think you’ll be pleased with this offer

JS: [opens the envelope, a glossy piece of paper floats down] What’s this?

LondonPRType: Why that’s a voucher for a JuniorBurger at GoldenArches

JS: What’s that doing in the envelope?

LondonPRType: Why, that’s my offer, I know you like food!

JS: It’s certainly a very generous offer

LondonPRType: It certainly is!

JS: But I didn’t realise we’ve reverted to a bartering economy after centuries of using, erm, actual currency

LondonPRType: Ok, you’re a great photographer, so I’ll up my offer! I’ll give you a credit

JS: Ooh! A credit! That’s tipped the balance

LondonPRType: Look Jaded, this is a great opportunity for a start-up like you – A four star hotel!

JS: So, this hotel. I take it you’re charging them?

LondonPRType: Well, of course, I’m one of the top PRs in my head!

JS: And part of that fee will include providing photography I imagine…

LondonPRType: Well, yes, the sourcing, briefing and thieving from photographers is a time consuming business. I’ve got a dozen others to dupe after you!!

JS: But you don’t see fit to say, I don’t know, pay the photographer that you’re hiring to take these prestigious pictures for your prestigious client?

LondonPRType: Look, this is a great opportunity for a start-up business such as yourself. Think of the experience! A four star –

JS: Yes, I know. The hotel has four shiny stars

LondonPRType: Yes, but, look, if you do this one job for me, I’ll consider you for some even more prestigious jobs in the future. I might even refer you to other PRs!!

JS: Jobs that involve the exchange of currency?

LondonPRType: Well, no, if you accept doing this job for free – erm, I mean for my prestigious voucher – then I see no reason to pay you in the future.

JS: Oh, well how will these prestigious jobs differ then?

LondonPRType: I’ll give you a BigBurger Voucher!!

JS: Fantastic!


This post is part of the 10 10 10 event for Macmillan Cancer

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Reinforcing the stereotype that local press photographers are more miserable than the people they photograph
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7 Responses to GreatOpportunity

  1. Nail on head there. Happens all the time sadly. Sadly too many snappers go for it in the vain hope it will lead to bigger things.

  2. Amy Nielsen says:

    I’ve not had anything like this happen to me … yet. I’m still one of the myriad of amateurs, but point taken for sure!

  3. sinisterpictures says:

    JS, you were right to hold out. I too have turned down such offers, and am so glad that I did. Fancy getting paid in golden arches vouchers, what a ridiculous concept.
    Nope you hold out long enough, and like me, you’ll be shopping with Nomarks & Spinsters vouchers in no time!

  4. tvnewswatch says:

    Ridiculous offer and a reflection of the way journalism and photo-journalism has been heading for years. How often have you heard “We only pay £xx for a story/picture”? All too often photographers and journalist prostitute themselves and accept ridiculously low fees. Many local papers are still only paying £25 or £30 for a picture, the same they were offering in the early 1990s. Even national papers have frozen their rates and unless you have something special/exclusive, you’re unlikely to see more than £200 for a repro. Sadly, with so many staff lay-offs over the last few years, it is unlikely to get any better.

    • jadedsnapper says:

      I actually describe slightly better terms than the real advert – they weren’t offering a voucher.

      Local papers repros are rubbish but that’s not helped by the citizen tog only asking about fees after publication, whereas they have the paper by the proverbials just before deadline – depending of course on how important the pics are!

  5. Viveca Koh says:

    Said with your usual panache Jaded, amusing yet depressing at the same time!

  6. Scott says:

    Great read… look forward to more.

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