Despite still being young, the press industry has institutionalised me into a curmudgeonly git so I’m sharing my real-life misery with you dear reader.

Go on, chat to me on jadedsnapper[at]gmail.com

6 Responses to About

  1. Sime says:

    I’ve realised I actually have no clue who you are, but I love your blog…

    thanks for the chuckles!!


  2. It’s altogether easier to start the day knowing your latest blog post will be popping up in my in-box! I can feel a book in the making….

  3. Hello,

    I spotted your blog and I thought it was cool to find. I wanted to take a
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    If you think it’s cool, please add it to your blog list.


    Roy Caratozzolo

  4. Mark T says:

    Bloody hell, I’ve just realised that I am ClubPhotographer! Thanks for pointing out my miserable life…

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