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LondonPRType ep 2 – Branding

JadedSnapper has a job at a posh hotel. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime, a one on one portrait with BigFamousMan… JadedSnapper: Hi I’m here for a portrait for the Evening Snooze LondonPRType: Oh, it’s you. Why we’ve got only … Continue reading

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The First Law of Press Photography

PictureBoss: Jade, I’ve got a job JadedSnapper: Righty-O gives it here PictureBoss: BigSupermarket have got two new wheelchairs for their customers to use, if they want JS: That’s lovely… PictureBoss: Now, EditorBoss is a big fan of this story, so … Continue reading

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“This one’s come from the EditorBoss”

PictureBoss: Jade JadedSnapper: Yeah PictureBoss: I’ve got a job for you. This one’s come from the EditorBoss JS: Okay PictureBoss: Right, it’s a feature on that new gay bar JS: Which new gay bar? PictureBoss: The one on Main St, … Continue reading

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