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The PhotoYoda: A burning issue

JadedSnapper is in a mythical place in time and space. Fortunately so is the PhotoYoda JadedSnapper: Afternoon PhotoYoda! PhotoYoda: Is it? JS: Well, erm, who knows. Anyway that’s not the point – I’ve got great plan to make money PhotoYoda: … Continue reading

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JadedSnapper is in the slightly unrealistic scenerio of a one-on-one with PopeBoss during the Birmingham leg of his tour of Britain. PopeBoss is carrying a small book. PopeBoss: [leafing through his book] Awroighte bab, how yaoiw doin’? JadedSnapper: Err, what? … Continue reading

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JadedSnapper is outside BigBrotherWinner’s house after he had an affair with, well, who cares who. As this is celebrity nonsense members of Britain’s paparazzi are there JadedSnapper: So, how long have you been waiting out here? PretentiousPap: Three days JS: … Continue reading

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JadedSnapper is at a children’s charity event. He has just finished taking pictures for the job. JS: Right so if there’s nothing else.. CharityWorker: That was really great, the children have been really uplifted by your presence JS: I haven’t … Continue reading

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JadedSnapper is at the entrance to the HippyCamp PoliticalActivist: Stop! CorporateMediaWhores must wait here! JadedSnapper: Oh hi again, are you well? PoliticalActivist: Oh, it’s you! What are you doing up here? JS: Well I drove up – I mean – … Continue reading

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JadedSnapper is at a photocall, waiting for the ‘action’ to begin. JadedSnapper: Hi guys RedTopSnapper: [pointing to JS] Who’s this joker? SilentSnapper: [shrugs shoulders] RedTopSnapper: I’ve never seen him before – look at the kit – he must be a … Continue reading

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JadedSnapper is at a harbour for a cheque presentation JadedSnapper: Hi, is this news? Diver: [ignoring] Hey it’s great you’ve come today, thanks very much! JS: Well, it wasn’t exactly my choice, but yes, it’s no problem Diver: We’ve had … Continue reading

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