AskJaded: Should I go pro? The first AskJaded. On the panel are JS, PhotoYoda and OldTimeTog

CharityCase A CharityWorker tries to persuade JadedSnapper to do free pictures

CompetitionTime JadedSnapper is offered the oppotunity to enter a competition with dubious – and real – terms and conditions

ConcernedResident Concerned Resident is outraged

ConcernedResident ep2: The case of the swearing goat ConcernedResident has a none too savoury kids’ toy

ConcernedResident ep3: BikerBash JadedSnapper has been sent to SmallVillage green which is going to host a fete…

DeputyNewsFlap DeputyNewsFlap walks into the photographers’ room, in a flap

GiantCheque JadedSnapper is at a harbour for a cheque presentation

GreatOpportunity LondonPRType offers JadedSnapper a PR job

HippyCamp JadedSnapper has a debate with PoliticalActivist on the camp’s media policy

‘It’s out of focus’ WifeBoss passes comment

LondonPRType JadedSnapper gets a freelance job offer

LondonPRType ep2: Branding JadedSnapper has a job at a posh hotel. It’s a once in the lifetime opportunity, a one on one portrait with BigFamousMan

NikonRacism JadedSnapper comes up against age old camera discrimination at a photocall

OldTimeTog JadedSnapper is in the photographers’ room

PhotoUnquotes What Henri Cartier-Bresson, Capa et al really meant to say

PhotoUnquotes #2 Snapper excuses and what they really mean. Add your own!

PoliticalActivist It’s a bustling High St in SnoozeCity and JadedSnapper has been sent on one of his favourite assignments, a protest.

PopeBoss JadedSnapper has a one on one portrait with PopeBoss

PoshPaperReporter JadedSnapper’s managed to get a freelance job with PoshPaper

PretentiousPap JadedSnapper has a chat with a paparazzi

PushyMum ‘You like taking pictures…’

SecurityGuard JadedSnapper is at an airport strike when SecurityGuard intervenes

SickNote PictureBoss queries JadedSnapper’s reason for absence

Sneaking into SnoozeCity JadedSnapper has been banned from SnoozeCityFC but is determined to get in

SpellingGate JadedSnapper is at a nursery

TerrorCops JadedSnapper is at a photographers’ rights demo against police harassment

The EthicalHound JadedSnapper is at home editing pictures from a barbeque

The First Law of Press Photography JadedSnapper gets a bollocking from EditorBoss

The PhotoYoda JadedSnapper is asking his old tutor for some advice

The PhotoYoda: A burning issue PhotoYoda cautions JS against cutting corners in wedding photography

The PictureDesk Paradox JadedSnapper is caught between the contradictory demands of The PictureDesk Paradox

The WireRoom JadedSnapper is at the football

‘This one’s come from EditorBoss’ A special feature request

Web 2.0 JadedSnapper has a conversation about picture use with the FascistTimes

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