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The PictureDesk Paradox

JadedSnapper has just filed pictures from a photocall involving BigFamousMan doing a meet and great. The ‘best shot’ of the day was BigFamousMan kissing a baby, aww! Unusually Jaded has managed to get a nice tight long lens shot of … Continue reading

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JadedSnapper’s managed to get a freelance job with PoshPaper, only he’s 15 minutes late JadedSnapper: Hi, I’m looking for PoshPaperReporter PoshPaperReporter: Ergh, I assume by that vulgar term you mean me I suppose JS: If you write for the PoshPaper.. … Continue reading

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“It’s out of focus”

Jaded Snapper: My darling wife, I, the third best photographer on the Evening Snooze, have created art in our garden. I photographed our dogs, just fo you! WifeBoss: Well that’s lovely darling, I’ve been waiting for ages for you to … Continue reading

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