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JadedSnapper has returned to work after being ill PictureBoss: Hi Jaded, I’ve got a little query.. JadedSnapper: Oh, right, what about? PictureBoss: Well I’ve just been reading over your sick note…you’ve put down a pretty strange ‘reason for illness’ [shows … Continue reading

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Ring Ring…Riiiingg Riiiingg! JadedSnapper: Hello? CheapskateConsultant: Hi, is that JadedSnapper? JS: Why yes, yes it is! Hey don’t I recognise that voice? You used to hire me didn’t you? Have you got a job for me? [says hopefully] CheapskateConsultant: Even … Continue reading

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Web 2.0

Ring Ring…Ring Ring! JadedSnapper: Uh Hello FascistTimes: Hi there is that JadedSnapper? JS: Yes, who’s that FascistTimes: It’s the FascistTimes JS: Oh, that’s an odd name for a 21st Century British newspaper FascistTimes: Yeah it’s your not so subtle pseudonym … Continue reading

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