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JadedSnapper is meeting LondonPRType at a cafe who has a PR job on offer. LondonPRType: Jaded, dahling! How are you? JadedSnapper: Yes, erm, wonderful LondonPRType: So, I’ve heard you’re thinking of going freelance, and I’ve got a great opportunity for … Continue reading

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JadedSnapper is at a children’s charity event. He has just finished taking pictures for the job. JS: Right so if there’s nothing else.. CharityWorker: That was really great, the children have been really uplifted by your presence JS: I haven’t … Continue reading

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“You like taking pictures..”

  PushyMum: You like taking pictures, don’t you? JadedSnapper: Well I’m not sure about the use of the present tense, but go on.. PushyMum: Great! It’s my oldest daughter’s SweetSixteen this weekend so..could you do it, as a favour? I’ll … Continue reading

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