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JadedSnapper is at a harbour for a cheque presentation JadedSnapper: Hi, is this news? Diver: [ignoring] Hey it’s great you’ve come today, thanks very much! JS: Well, it wasn’t exactly my choice, but yes, it’s no problem Diver: We’ve had … Continue reading

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JadedSnapper is at a nursery JadedSnapper: Hi, I’m here to do a picture of your new play equipment NurseryNurse: Ah, brilliant! Is it going on the front page? JS: Who knows what depths we’ll have sunk to by edition time.. … Continue reading

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JadedSnapper is in the photographers’ room OldTimeTog: Right you whipper-snapper look at this picture, this is why experience counts! JadedSnapper: Where’ve you been? OldTimeTog: This family had lost their rabbit JS: Oh, is that… OldTimeTog: News? It’s always had a … Continue reading

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Concerned Resident ep3: BikerBash

JadedSnapper has been sent to SmallVillage’s village green which is going to host a village fete and motorcyclist’s BikerBash next week. JadedSnapper: Oh shit, what are you doing here? ConcernedResident: Well after all the kerfuffle with the council I decided … Continue reading

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JadedSnapper is at a photographers’ rights demo against police harassment JadedSnapper: Down with this sort of thing! PCSO: You there! What are you doing?! Do you have permission to be here?! JS: Erm, s’pose, it’s just a road like.. PCSO: … Continue reading

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ConcernedResident – ep 2 – The case of the swearing goat

Ding dong! ConcernedResident: Oh thank God you’re here! I’ve been up all night with this thing. Sick with worry I am! What are they going to do next?! JadedSnapper: Erm what’s the problem? ConcernedResident: IT’S THIS! [angrily gesturing towards the … Continue reading

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“Stop doing that right now”

SecurityGuard: Stop doing that right now! JadedSnapper: Doing what? SecurityGuard: Doing that! JS: Taking pictures? SecurityGuard: Yes, taking pictures! You’re on airport land! JS: S’pose I am, but there is a protest going on SecurityGuard: And that gate is airport … Continue reading

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