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Jaded is in the snappers’ room praying that PictureBoss doesn’t interrupt his sullen mood PictureBoss: Ah, Jaded, jaded. The very man! JadedSnapper: Oh fuck, you’re being nice PictureBoss: Nice? I’m a benevolent chap, ruling the humble EveningSnooze’s picture desk like… … Continue reading

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After what seems like an awfully long time, JadedSnapper has just returned to his car from a job. A parking warden is there…    JadedSnapper: Hey I’m not five minutes over yet! ParkingNazi: I know, I know, just getting my … Continue reading

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PhotoUnquote #2

Ladies and Gentlemen, a quick post to ressurect the blog, and one you can join in on. My best, genuine, snapper excuses, along with their translations. Comment or tweet @jadedsnapper!   “The camera’s battery went flat in the last minute of the … Continue reading

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The PictureDesk Paradox

JadedSnapper has just filed pictures from a photocall involving BigFamousMan doing a meet and great. The ‘best shot’ of the day was BigFamousMan kissing a baby, aww! Unusually Jaded has managed to get a nice tight long lens shot of … Continue reading

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JadedSnapper has returned to work after being ill PictureBoss: Hi Jaded, I’ve got a little query.. JadedSnapper: Oh, right, what about? PictureBoss: Well I’ve just been reading over your sick note…you’ve put down a pretty strange ‘reason for illness’ [shows … Continue reading

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JadedSnapper is at the entrance to the HippyCamp PoliticalActivist: Stop! CorporateMediaWhores must wait here! JadedSnapper: Oh hi again, are you well? PoliticalActivist: Oh, it’s you! What are you doing up here? JS: Well I drove up – I mean – … Continue reading

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The PhotoYoda

JadedSnapper is asking his old tutor for some advice JadedSnapper: PhotoYoda, How can I become a better photographer, like TalentedPhotographer? PhotoYoda: … JS: Erm? PhotoYoda: Fruitbats! JS: What? PhotoYoda: Fruitbats [nods to himself] JS: So, you’re saying I should do … Continue reading

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