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JadedSnapper is in the photographers’ room OldTimeTog: Right you whipper-snapper look at this picture, this is why experience counts! JadedSnapper: Where’ve you been? OldTimeTog: This family had lost their rabbit JS: Oh, is that… OldTimeTog: News? It’s always had a … Continue reading

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“Stop doing that right now”

SecurityGuard: Stop doing that right now! JadedSnapper: Doing what? SecurityGuard: Doing that! JS: Taking pictures? SecurityGuard: Yes, taking pictures! You’re on airport land! JS: S’pose I am, but there is a protest going on SecurityGuard: And that gate is airport … Continue reading

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DeputyNewsFlap walks into the snapper’s room…in a flap DeputyNewsFlap: Erm, hey Jaded, I need a favour.. JadedSnapper: Well’s it’s about home time so I’m sure it’s only a quick, easy and reasonable one DeputyNewsFlap: Sort of…I need a front page picture. JS: … Continue reading

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The First Law of Press Photography

PictureBoss: Jade, I’ve got a job JadedSnapper: Righty-O gives it here PictureBoss: BigSupermarket have got two new wheelchairs for their customers to use, if they want JS: That’s lovely… PictureBoss: Now, EditorBoss is a big fan of this story, so … Continue reading

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Ring ring…ring ring! JadedSnapper: Hello? LondonPRType: Hello is that Jaded Snapper? JS: Yep! LondonPRType: My client, InternationalBrand is launching a campaign in your area and I wondered if you could do it? JS: Most likely yes LondonPRType: Brilliant! Right it’s a big … Continue reading

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“This one’s come from the EditorBoss”

PictureBoss: Jade JadedSnapper: Yeah PictureBoss: I’ve got a job for you. This one’s come from the EditorBoss JS: Okay PictureBoss: Right, it’s a feature on that new gay bar JS: Which new gay bar? PictureBoss: The one on Main St, … Continue reading

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“It’s an outrage”

JadedSnapper: Hi, it’s the Evening Snooze photographer here. ConcernedResident: Brilliant, you’re here! JS: So what’s the problem ConcernedResident: Well I’ve been meaning to tell you for some time, it’s a disgrace what’s happening around here, and the council are doing … Continue reading

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