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Web 2.0

Ring Ring…Ring Ring! JadedSnapper: Uh Hello FascistTimes: Hi there is that JadedSnapper? JS: Yes, who’s that FascistTimes: It’s the FascistTimes JS: Oh, that’s an odd name for a 21st Century British newspaper FascistTimes: Yeah it’s your not so subtle pseudonym … Continue reading

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The WireRoom

JadedSnapper is at the football. It’s league favourites GenericNewTown versus the whipping boys SnoozeCity JadedSnapper: Hi Guys SportsSnapper: … JS: I’ll just put my stuff here – SportsSnapper: Sorry mate that place’s taken JS: Oh, but there’s no stuff here SportsSnapper: … Continue reading

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The Ethical Hound

JadedSnapper is at home editing pictures from a barbeque EthicalHound: [trot trot trot trot] Hey Jaded JadedSnapper: Erm, hey, what are you doing here, er, talking? EthicalHound: Well on special ethical occasions I trot out as a metaphorical device JS: Oh…what … Continue reading

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ConcernedResident – ep 2 – The case of the swearing goat

Ding dong! ConcernedResident: Oh thank God you’re here! I’ve been up all night with this thing. Sick with worry I am! What are they going to do next?! JadedSnapper: Erm what’s the problem? ConcernedResident: IT’S THIS! [angrily gesturing towards the … Continue reading

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LondonPRType ep 2 – Branding

JadedSnapper has a job at a posh hotel. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime, a one on one portrait with BigFamousMan… JadedSnapper: Hi I’m here for a portrait for the Evening Snooze LondonPRType: Oh, it’s you. Why we’ve got only … Continue reading

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“Stop doing that right now”

SecurityGuard: Stop doing that right now! JadedSnapper: Doing what? SecurityGuard: Doing that! JS: Taking pictures? SecurityGuard: Yes, taking pictures! You’re on airport land! JS: S’pose I am, but there is a protest going on SecurityGuard: And that gate is airport … Continue reading

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“You like taking pictures..”

  PushyMum: You like taking pictures, don’t you? JadedSnapper: Well I’m not sure about the use of the present tense, but go on.. PushyMum: Great! It’s my oldest daughter’s SweetSixteen this weekend so..could you do it, as a favour? I’ll … Continue reading

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